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Have you ever wondered about our concept of flamingos? As you might have heard before, flamingos get their colour from their alpha and beta carotene-rich diets, that turn their grey feathers into a beautiful, warm pink. The better the flamingo eats, the brighter their colour. We believe the same philosophy can be applied to our eating habits - that’s why we ensure that our customers are served meals that are tasty and cover all nutritional bases, and most importantly leave them well-fed.

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Senopati, the restaurant serves a fun and thrilling healthy concept for the public. Through fresh ingredients, Fedwell provides an array of choices ranging from protein to carbohydrates, fusing together healthy and tasty in one meal.

All our ingredients have passed quality control tests and are cooked in the best methods to ensure nutritional values and flavors are enhanced. Our front-of-house and kitchen team builds a full-team effort making sure each food we serve tastes the way it should, and with the appropriate portion control for one meal and recommended calorie intakes for each person.

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Jalan Senopati no 82, South Jakarta

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